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The City recently completed the conversion of all residential street lights to high efficiency LED lights.  "We are very thankful to the Nebraska Energy Office for providing grant funding for this important projec that will reduce our energy consumption, greatly reduce our staff time for replacing burnt out lights and provide environmental benefits".  The lights are estimated to last at least 3-4 times longer than the old ones while using about 66% less energy.  City staff estimate the energy savings will result in an annual reduction of 126 tons of greenhouse gases and save the City around $20,000 per year in reduced energy, staff and material costs.

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Why I Love Central City!
"People are nice.  The teachers are nice teachers.  Moms and Dads let us play with everyone.  Everyone is thankful for each other.  It helps our city by recycling.  I like all of the cops because they do their job.  That's why I like this city."
—Clarissa O., 2nd Grade