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Baseball signups down at the Community room.

March 20th from 5pm to 7pm!  

Pass the word along to anyone with kids in 9-12 range!  

(Kids under 9 wanting to signup for T-ball or Coach pitch, please contact the Fitness Center.  Kids over 12, please contact the Legion!)

Signups for 2013 summer baseball.  Youths ages 9 - 12 as of Jan 1st 2013.  Fee = $25.  If parents can't afford to pay, we do have a sponsor to still enable those kids the opportunity to play!  

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Why I Love Central City!
"I like the Dairy Queen.  I like the dentists.  I like the water park.  School is so much fun.  I like the library.  Soccer is very fun.  I like the vets because they help pets."
—Alicia H., 1st Grade