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Final inspection of a new electric substation just north of 14th Street and 14th Avenue was held on Friday, July 12th.  The $589,609 project was constructed by Schmader Electric Construction Company out of West Point, Nebraska.  The new North Substation is the city's third, and will operate at 5000 kVA 34.5 KV voltage and is rated at 69 KV.  This new substation will provide greater reliability to the system and allow for more effective maintenance on the other substations.  With only 2 substations, if one substation was down (either due to a storm, mechanical failure or maintenance) then the remaining substation couldn't handle the whole town under normal loads.  This means part of the town would be without power.  The third substation also allows energy to be more efficiently distributed around the community and provides capacity for future growth in Central City.

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