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As corporations look at investing in the United States more closely than ever before, their leaders will look at these key economic development indicators.

Welcome to State of the States 2016, an annual compendium of data that matter to corporate location decision-makers.

In addition to containing updated legislative, demographic, economic and education data points, this year’s edition includes the third annual installment of Rankings That Matter:

  • Rank in the Tax Foundation’s 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index (Oct. 2015)
  • Legal climate rank (US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, Sept. 2015)
  • Rank in 2014 Higher Education R&D Expenditure (Total in $000s in parentheses)
  • Rank in total ACT National Career Readiness Certificates earned per capita among working-age adults, Dec. 2015 (total number in parentheses)
  • Rank by Lowest Electric Power Cost (¢/kWh)
  • Fiscal Condition Index (Mercatus Center at George Mason University, July 2015)
  • College Attainment (percent of working-age population ages 18-65 holding two-year degree or higher, Lumina Foundation)

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