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There's a blockbuster new food trend growing in Mark and Paul McHargue's Nebraska corn fields. Popcorn, long the leading concession at movie theaters, is undergoing a renaissance.

Sales of bagged, ready-to-eat popcorn are exploding as the snack gets tossed with everything from kale to sassy sriracha hot sauce. Hot buttered popcorn is still coveted by those not so consumed by calories, but it's millennials driving this new burst of popularity, says Deirdre Flynn, executive director of The Popcorn Board, the nonprofit checkoff organization financed by U.S. popcorn processors.

"Ready-to-eat is probably the biggest market entry since microwave popcorn came on the scene some 30 years ago," Flynn says.

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Why I Love Central City!
"Central City is a very nice town.  There are very special people like you.  It is very beautiful watching the stars.  I like the DQ.  Ice cream is not very healthy but it is very good for your tonsils."
—Alyssa R., 2nd Grade