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David A. Dickinson
(800) 847-1653
Bankers Compliance Consulting
1715 16th Avenue
P.O. Box 87
Central City, NE 68826
Fax: (308) 946-2147
Category: Financial Services
Resource/Expertise: Compliance Regulations, Organization Health / Culture Consulting / Speaking

David is a highly trained expert in compliance regulations as well as being a motivational speaker and innovative educator. He is one of the leading regulatory compliance experts in the nation. Dave is a frequent keynote speaker at major industry events and is consulted regularly by the financial industry.

David’s career began with the FDIC as an examiner and later became a Loan Officer for a 110-million dollar bank. In 1993, he established Banker’s Compliance Consulting. He has written numerous compliance articles for prestigious banking publications and has developed compliance seminars that Banker’s Compliance Consulting produces. David is on the faculty of the Center for Financial Training, the American Bankers Association National Compliance Schools and is a speaker at the ABA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference. David is also a speaker/trainer for hundreds of webinars. His quick wit and sense of humor transforms the usually tiring topic of compliance into an enjoyable educational experience. 

David is CRCM certified.

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