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Electric Department

1702 31st Street • Central City, NE 68826
The City electric service was established in 1909 and is owned and operated by the City.  We purchase our electricity in partnership with the Nebraska Public Power District.

City Power reaches a 115 kv substation owned by NPPD just south of the Platte River.  A City 34.5 sub-transmission line brings power into the City.  Once this power hits our substations it is distributed over a 4160Y system.

The City currently has 1,693 customers, of which 1,393 are residential.  The City purchases over 35,000 MwH of electricity and has total revenues of about $3,500,000.

The City enjoys a strong partnership with NPPD, which provides assistance with incentive programs, technical assistance and economic development support.

The City offers a program to assist low-income property owners and businesses with heating and air conditioning replacement projects.  A contract with the property owners allows the City to pay the costs up front with a 2% loan.  Loan payments are then added to the monthly utility bill over a 48 month period.  An application is available through the link below.

A number of incentive programs are available to all customers through funding by NPPD.  Programs include heating & air rebates, commercial and industrial lighting assistance, and many other programs.

Sid Lewis, Electrical Superintendent
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