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Gas and Gas Safety

In its natural state, Natural Gas is odorless.  A chemical byproduct of petroleum refining is added to gas to give it the characteristic "rotten egg" smell.

Natural Gas is made up mostly of Methane (carbon and hydrogen).  The byproducts of efficient combustion are Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor.  In the event of improper burning Carbon Monoxide can be produced.  It is an odorless gas that can be very harmful.  Inefficient burning can be caused by improper, plugged or broken venting, worn, damaged or dirty appliances, or the misuse of gas appliances.  If you even suspect that you have a carbon monoxide issue you can call City Hall during day time working hours at 308-946-3806 or after hours call the Merrick County Sheriff's Office at 308-946-2345.

All natural gas appliances should be installed, maintained and vented by a licensed or qualified professional installer or service technician.  Have your gas water heater, furnace and flue inspected periodically.  Keep them clean.  Keep the area around your furnace and water heater clean.  Never store or use flammables near gas appliances.  Check the flame on your gas range.  It should be blue.  Keep the range and burners clean and never use the kitchen range as a space heater.  Copper pipe, if you have copper lines to your appliances, should be replaced.

Read and follow manufacturers instructions on your gas appliances.  Know how to shut them off in an emergency!

Never sleep in a room with an un-vented gas or kerosene heater.  Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher on hand.

If at any time you do detect a strong odor of gas or even think you do, touch nothing - no electric switches, no phones or flashlights.  Leave the building immediately and call for help.  Other warning signs of a potential gas leak may be an unusual sound or damage to gas fixture or appliances.