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Natural Gas

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       The Natural Gas Pipeline System in Central City is owned and operated by the City.  It was purchased from Kansas-Nebraska company in the late 1950's after gas had been brought to the community in the 1940's.  Natural Gas replaced the manufactured gas system the town had since the early 1900's.

       Our system is made up of a distribution system of underground main gas lines that branch into household service lines.  The systems are located throughout the City and some of the surrounding area.  The pipes are typically made of black, yellow striped plastic or coated steel.  As an industry standard steel pipes are being replaced with the more durable plastic piping.  The main lines are typically 2 inches in diameter and are located roughly 2 feet below the surface.  Service lines are typically 3/4 to 1 3/4 inches in diameter and buried 12 to 18 inches below the surface.  The system typically runs at 35 pounds of pressure.  The pipeline infrastructure serves approximately 1,200 customers and about 77% of our residences have gas service.

        There are only a few above ground fixtures related to the gas system.  If you have gas service, there is a typical meter set.  Most are located at the house but in some areas they are located at the property line, usually at the alley or easement.  There are a few zone valves located around town that are marked by signage.  Any of this equipment can cause damage or injury if operated improperly.

        The City also maintains a 4 mile section of pipeline defined as a transmission system.  This system is made up of a heavier 6 inch steel pipe that runs at a higher pressure than the distribution system and feeds the ethanol plant.  The City doesn't buy or sell the natural gas the ethanol plant uses, but charges a transportation fee for gas transported through City pipes.