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Central City Water Utility Service

Central City Water Utility service is comprised of a water distribution system that provides operation and maintenance services for the distribution of potable water used by the city for consumption and fire suppression. The city has been blessed with an abundance of high quality, readily accessible water. It is pumped directly from the aquifer to our system without any form of treatment. We frequently test our water for potential contaminants as required by the State of Nebraska. As long as these tests are passed, water treatment is not necessary.

We have 7 wells, over 50 miles of water main, and 237 fire hydrants. In 2020 our 5 main wells pumped 145,000,000 gallons of potable water to the city. Our 2 non potable wells pumped 185,000,000 gallons to our largest customer the Ethanol plant.

The main function of our 500,000-gallon water tower is keeping the city water pressure at about 70 psi. But it also provides emergency supply for fires and periods of high-water use. The inside of our tower was last cleaned and inspected in 2021. We are steadily replacing our aging cast iron mains with PVC mains. Fire hydrants and customer service lines from the main to the curb stop in the yard are also replaced during this process. We keep backflow/cross connection records and lead/copper sampling results for the State to help insure safe drinking water. The latest copy of our water quality report is posted below.

The water utilities also maintain our 33 miles of sanitary sewer main, 3 Lift stations, and 365 manholes. To provide the town with collection of wastewaters to be treated at our treatment facility on the East side of town. These sewer lines require constant cleaning and inspection to ensure they continue to flow properly. Root cutting and grease removal is necessary in some identified areas. Contact us if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your water our sewer. We will be glad to help if we can.

Water Superintendent
Jon Paul (308) 940-1153
City Hall (308)946-3806

Water Utility Address
2102 22nd St.
Central City, NE 68826

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