Entrepreneurial Communties Activation Process

The Entrepreneurial Communities Activation Process (ECAP) is a holistic facilitative process with the goals of attracting and retaining working age population and creating entrepreneurial environments that lead to community vitality. ECAP helps communities support innovation and entrepreneurship by understanding their unique characteristics, community assets and potential opportunities.  An extensive review of literature has identified a model of eight characteristics that consistently characterizes entrepreneurial communities, and that contributes to their positive entrepreneurial cultures: Community Vision; Culture of Change; Leadership; Sense of Place; Infrastructure; Digitally Connected; Education/Workforce IQ; and Entrepreneurial Support Systems. 

Central City's ECAP group has evolved into the group now known as the 46ers.  The group has taken its title from the number which stands for Merrick County in Nebraska.  The group has expanded its view to include all of Merrick County and the local area surrounding Central City.  Working under the motto of "Coming together, Making a difference", the 46ers meet randomly as needed, no matter what day of the week.  They welcome all participants and meet at different places around the county to network with different businesses and persons while supporting each other to make a difference in the community as a whole.  The 46ers are a supporter of National Community Night Out, coordinating local Community Neighborhood gatherings helping neighbors support neighbors in their community.

Central City Discovery Tool Results (Spring 2013)

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