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Chris Anderson
Chris AndersonChris Anderson
City Administrator

Chris Anderson was appointed City Administrator by Mayor Cal Lepp in November 2002.  He had previous experience as the Assistant City Administrator in Aurora, Nebraska, City Administrator in Stanton, Nebraska and City Administrator in Ashland, Nebraska.  Chris has a Bachelors Degree from UNL and a Masters in Public Administration from UNO.

Chris is active in the International City/County Management Association and served a 3 year term on the ICMA Board of Directors from 2010-2013. He has served on numerous committees and has attained the Credentialed Manager designation.

Chris has served as President of the Nebraska City/County Management Association and the Board of Directors of the League of Nebraska Municipalities.

His ongoing activities includes:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors - National Public Gas Agency
  • Board of Directors, American Public Gas Association
  • Board of Directors of the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool
  • Board of the Merrick Fitness Center.  
  • NPPD Power Resources Advisory Board 
  • Nebraska Information Technology Commission Community Council.

Chris and his wife Machelle have 3 children who enjoy the good life Central City offers.

The City Administrator is tasked under City Code with the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend all meetings of the City Council and its committees unless excused, with the duty of reporting on any matter concerning the City under the administrators direction; and to attend such other meetings of departments and officials as the duties may require or as may be directed by the Mayor or Council.
  2. Make investigation into all affairs of the City and to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council for the adoption of such measures and ordinances as are deemed necessary and expedient for good city government.
  3. Analyze the functions, duties and activities of the various departments, divisions and services of the City, and of all employees thereof, and to make recommendations regarding the same to the Mayor and Council; and to faithfully carry out the directives and recommendations of the Mayor and Council in coordinating the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, divisions and services.
  4. Keep the Mayor and Council fully advised as to the financial condition of the City and its needs.  The administrator shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual estimates of revenues and expenditures of the proposed budget for the presentation of a complete financial plan for the City to the Mayor and Council prior to the consideration and adoption of the annual appropriation ordinance by the City Council.  With the adoption of the budget and the passage of the appropriations ordinances by the Council, the city administrator shall be responsible for the supervision and control of the budgeted expenditures.
  5. Prepare and submit to the Mayor and Council as of the end of the fiscal year a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the City for the preceding year.
  6. Recommend to the Mayor the appointment, discipline, transfer or dismissal of all city personnel over which the administrator exercises jurisdiction.
  7. Investigate or have investigated all complaints filed against an employee, department, division or service of the City, and to report such investigation with recommendation to the Mayor and Council.
  8. Act as the City's liaison to state and federal economic/industrial development agencies; actively pursue community grant funding and promote new business and industrial development within the City.
  9. Perform all other duties and exercise such other powers as may be required by ordinance or prescribed by resolution of the Mayor and Council.


Contact Information:
Chris Anderson
P.O. Box 418
Central City, NE 68826

Miles McGinnis
Miles McGinnisMiles McGinnis
Economic Development Director

Miles McGinnis is the Economic Development Director for the City and works closely with the Merrick County Develoment Corporation and the City Council to execute the city’s economic development program which is designed to create jobs and generate employment opportunities.

Miles is an active member of the Nebraska Economic Developers Association NEDA, and a BREI certified Business Retention & Expansion Project Coordinator.

Miles earned his Bachelors of Science Degree from the United States Air Force Academy, and holds a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University.

After finishing a career as a pilot in the US Air Force, Miles started a small business in the local area.  He was licensed and certified in real estate inspections, sales and management.  Miles also spent a couple of years with the US Postal Service as a local Rural Carrier Associate where he gathered insight relative to the businesses and industries outside of the city limits.

Miles and his wife, Nancy, have 3 children and enjoy taking part in the long list of activities that Central City has to offer.  Along with their childrens' activities, they are involved with the Central City American Legion, Relay For Life of Merrick County and the Central City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Central City is in "The Center of It All.”  Situated at the crossroads of the first transcontinental roadway U.S. Highway 30 (East and West) and State Highway 14 (North and South), with access to both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railways and a one day’s legal trucking distance to Canada, Chicago, Memphis, Austin, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City (Link), let us help your business operation be the “Center of it All!”

The City of Central City and the Merrick County Development Corporation have commercial and Industrial properties available for your expansion and entrepreneurial development.  Click here to see the current available properties.

Contact Information:
Miles L. McGinnis
P.O. Box 418
Central City, NE 68826

Linda Jensen
Linda JensenLinda Jensen
City Clerk/Treasurer

Linda Jensen has been employed with the City of Central City since December 1982.  She was the Deputy Clerk/Treasurer until June 2009 at which time she became the City Clerk Treasurer.

Linda received her Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) distinction in June 1995 and her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation in December 2002.

She is an active member of the International Institue of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), Nebraska Clerk's Association, and the Heartland Clerk's Accociation. 

Linda was awarded the Outstanding Clerk of the Year honor in 2018 from the Nebraska Clerk's Association.  She also serves as 1st Vice President of the Nebraska Clerks Association and will become President in the next year.

Linda is currently the Chair person for the Clerk's Catalogue for the Nebraska Clerk's Association.  Linda has served as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, and President of the Heartland Area Clerk's Association.  

Linda and her husband Les have 2 children and 1 grand child.  They have enjoyed living in Central City since 1979.

The duties of the Clerk/Treasurer include:

  • Custody of all laws and ordinances.
  • Keep a current journal of the proceedings of the City Council.
  • Maintain a complete record of all outstanding bonds against the City.
  • Take possession of all books, papers and all other official records of the City and maintain those records in a safe place for the City.
  • Have custody of the seal of the City.
  • Attend the meetings of the City Council and keep a minute record of the proceedings thereof.
  • Maintain an account of all the appropriations of the funds of the City.
  • Draw, sign and attest all warrants ordered for the payment of money.
  • Attest to the Mayor's signatures and attach the City Seal to all official documents.
  • Notify claimants of disallowed claims.
  • Account for all money received by him/her and keep proper records of all monies.
  • Publish all notices and keep records of those notices, including publisher's affidavits.
  • Maintain all books and public records for the City for public inspection.
  • Charge fees as set by the City Council.
  • Custodian of all monies of the City.
  • Deposit and manage all funds of the City.
  • Collect all special taxes and assessments payable to City Hall.
  • Have prepared monthly treasurer's reports.
  • Have prepared an annual treasurer's report.
Clayton Erickson
Clayton EricksonClayton Erickson
Mayor, Central City

Mayor Clayton Erickson was elected in November of 2002 and took office on December 9, 2002. He was re-elected in November of 2006, 2010, 2014 and again in 2018.

According to City Code, the Mayor of the City shall have the general and immediate control over all property and officials, whether elective or appointed, of the City. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the City Council, and may vote when his/her vote shall be decisive on any pending matter, legislation or transaction and the Mayor shall, for the purpose of such vote, be deemed to be a member of the Council. His/her signature must appear on the city clerk's minutes of all meetings, and he/she must sign all resolutions which have been passed, and warrants for the payment of money when ordered by the City Council; provided, any ordinance vetoed by the Mayor may be passed over his/her veto by a two-thirds vote by the members of the City Council, but if the Mayor neglects or refuses to sign any ordinance, and returns it to the Council with his/her objections in writing at the next regular council meeting, the same shall become a law without his/her signature. He/she shall from time to time communicate to the council such information and recommendations as, in his/her opinion, may improve the City.

He/she may require at reasonable intervals any city official to exhibit his/her accounts and make report to the Council on any subject pertaining to his/her office. He/she shall have the power to remit fines or pardon any offense arising under the ordinance of the City. He/she shall have the authority to call on every inhabitant of the City over 18 years of age and under the age of 50 years to aid in enforcing the laws. He/she may remove at any time an appointed police officer of the City. His/her territorial authority shall extend over all places within five miles of the corporate limits of the City for the enforcement of any health ordinance, and one mile in all matters vested in him/her except taxation. He/she shall also have such other duties as the City Council may by resolution confer upon him/her, or in any other matters which the laws of the State of Nebraska repose in him/her. He/she shall be elected at the general election and shall serve a four year term of office. Any candidate for Mayor must be a resident and a registered voter of the City.