Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get utility services?
Please stop by City Hall to initiate services.  The City provides water, sewer, natural gas and electric service and also bills for garbage service.  These will all be billed on a single monthly statement.

Why does the City bill for garbage?
The City has an exclusive contract for residential solid waste services with Heartland Disposal (308-382-1683).  The City acts as the billing agent for HD and guarantees payment of all residential accounts.  This eliminates bad debt for them and lowers garbage rates for all Central City residents.

When is the city dump open and where is it?
Located by Kernel field (10th St and 20th Ave) just continue north on 20th and it curves around directly to the dump. Open Wednesdays from 5pm to dusk (Winter hours, at times open earlier) and on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm.

What if I can't pay my utility bill?
Please contact City Hall at 308-946-3806 to discuss your options.  Some assistance is available from outside agencies.  Payment terms can also be negotiated with staff.

Who are my elected officials?
Our current elected officials are Mayor Clayton Erickson and Council Members Hanna Hawthorne, Ron Kennedy, Leroy Sheets, Dave Rish, Willa Freelend and Dennis Wagner.

Who do I call with an emergency?
Call 911 for emergencies.  Our Police Department can be contacted at 308-946-3003 with non-emergency issues.

Does the City require pet licenses?
Yes, the City issues licenses for both dogs and cats.

Do I need a building permit?
Building permits are issued for construction projects.  This does not include maintenance issues such as re-shingling or re-siding.  The City does not conduct inspections of construction projects.  We also issue permits for fence construction.

How long can I park on the street?
In most areas, parking is restricted to 96 hours for a properly licensed motor vehicle.  Unlicensed vehicles can be towed from the streets after 6 hours.

Can I put a dumpster on the street?
A permit is issued after payment of a $100 deposit for placing a dumpster or rolloff on a street.  If removed within 20 days, the deposit is returned.  After 20 days, a $10.00 daily fee is withheld from the deposit.

Are there codes regarding the upkeep of property?
The City has ordinances requiring grass to be kept at 

When is the pool open?
The pool generally opens on Memorial Day and closes around Labor Day, depending on lifeguard availability.  Hours are 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., as weather permits.  Toddler time starts @ 12:30 for children 6 and under.

Do you take reservations for park space?
No, park space, including picnic shelters and tables, are available on a first come, first served basis.

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