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Please send any event information (Full information required!) to

  • Date and Time
  • Name of Event
  • Address and Location of Event (if actual address, this will show a map for users!) 
  • Short Description of Event and Contact Information for Questions

Do NOT send a picture or pdf file as the info!  We wish to just copy/paste the information and don't want to make an error re-typing it out!

If you wish to filter calendars in order to NOT view certain events, it's an option (it's the little down arrow to the right of the Week/Month/Agenda in upper right corner). If you uncheck a calendar, it will not show the events associated with that calendar.

Central City High and Middle School Day Calendar

If you wish to get information on how to get any of the individual calendars onto your smartphone, please send an email to with only the subject line CCEventsin it. It will automatically email you instructions with the links needed for your smartphone.

If you wish your calendar to be up here, send an email to with only the subject line My Calendarin it. this will send you information on how to share your gCalendar correctly so you can update your own events, live!